3 Ways to Improve Life in the Bedroom

The longer your relationship, the more it requires special attention to keep things fresh and interesting. Communication can tend to get a little strained and boredom sets in when we actually know our partners better than they know themselves. This even happens with fairly new partners when we’re not paying attention.

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Predictability can get boring, so here are three ways to make things more fun in the bedroom.

Learn Some New Positions

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We’re often not that well versed in all the possible positions we can share with our partner. We’ve tried the obvious ones, but tend to fall back on what feels comfortable and not try something new. We have either forgotten a wide range of positions or we simply never knew them in the first place.

There are some good books that provide illustrations, and where necessary instructions too, for different positions to try with your partner. Alternatively, there are now mobile apps to download and install on your Android or iPhone to discreetly study up on a few new ideas. If you’re a woman who feels a bit shy with introducing new ideas verbally to your partner, then why not share the app with them to let them see for themselves.

Improve Communication Through Better Connection

One area that’s often lacking in relationships is clear communication. When two people can communicate well, the relationship tends to go better. Any woman who’s new to dating after a divorce is likely to feel very out of touch with dating in general and has emotionally taken on some of the responsibility for her marriage’s failure. While self-accountability is important, let’s not be defeatist or negative about how communication can be improved in the future.

Sitting down with your partner face-to-face, looking into their eyes while holding their hands, is a good way to create an instant connection between the two of you. You can then talk openly about the things that matter and any issues you see in the relationship. It’s important not to be critical or nag the partner. This isn’t helpful and is likely to put up walls. When wanting to change something they’re doing, try saying what they’re doing is ok, but if they did it this way, it would feel better for you. Be gentle with your words to move things forward in a positive direction.

Add Toys into the Mix

Introducing some adult toys from https://www.adultproductsindia.com into the bedroom isn’t something to be feared. Men often think a vibrator will mean the woman doesn’t need them any longer, but for her, it only enhances the experience rather than being a substitute for it. Role playing and other game play are also fun to mix things up and to keep a new relationship fresh and interesting. It also shows a different side to your personality, which your partner may not have seen or enjoyed before.

Even new relationships need some love and care to help them survive and flourish. It doesn’t happen all by itself. A good relationship requires time and effort every day to keep it alive. Be sure to put the effort in.

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