Spicing up the Bedroom With Sensual Tips From the Professionals

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for six months or 10 years, bedroom excitement is always at the top of couples’ lists. Everyone wants to enjoy each sensual session, but some issues might arise that ruin the mood. Feel the sensual side of your relationship by spicing up the bedroom with these professional tips. You’ll feel closer and more connected as a result.

Focus on Your Partner’s Pleasure

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Sensual sensations can be very selfish at times because you want to feel everything with each touch. As a twist on your regular activities, focus your attention on your partner. Try to anticipate their needs, such as giving them a massage or tickling them with your light touch. All of these caring touches will only build the excitement through the evening.

Explore their desires by trying different sensations on their skin. A hot towel or a feather draped onto the skin can be tantalizing on their own. Always be aware if your partner is pleased or bored by the sensations, however. Too much of a good thing can bring the mood to a halt very quickly.

Explore Those Adult Toys

The adult sex shop industry has grown by leaps and bounds, especially with the Internet offering products from around the world. Turn your bedroom activity into a new experience by trying some adult toys. From vibrators to lubrication, there are hundreds of products that might peak your fancy.

Ideally, shop for toys together. Read over the descriptions so that you know what the toy might do when you receive it. The shopping session alone may be enough to excite you both about a potential purchase. Pick toys that you both feel comfortable with, and try them when they arrive to verify your purchase.

Put Aside the Alcohol

Many couples try to enhance their bedroom activities with alcohol, but you may want to refrain from this practice. Alcohol may lower your inhibitions, but it’s also a depressant. For men, it may be difficult to perform with too much alcohol in their systems. Women tend to suffer from dehydration when they drink alcohol too. Try sparkling cider with strawberries on the side if you’re looking for an aphrodisiac. Being hydrated with enough calories in your system to perform is the key to a satisfying evening.

Try Some Naughty Talk

With so many distractions in the world today, getting into the mood may be difficult. Generate some fire with naughty talk. You might perform this act over the phone or in person. Use generous details to describe sensual situations that you’d like to play out.

Your partner should return the favor with their own naughty talk. This type of foreplay gets your brain thinking on a sensual level so that the physical parts come naturally afterward. In some cases, you may want to create alter egos to enhance the scenario. Create sensual names and backstories to further improve the sensual elements.

When it comes to more risqué behaviors, talk to your partner about them before bringing them up in the bedroom. Every person has their limits to what is appropriate between partners. With a verbal agreement on personal barriers, you should feel free to explore each other with love and compassion as a driving force.

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